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KUNK is an experimental psychedelic trio from Brooklyn, NY.

Blending the progressive rock dynamism of such acts as Frank Zappa, Return to Forever, Pink Floyd, and Kung Fu with the alternately intricate and aggressive electronic instrumentation of the likes of EOTO, Death Grips, and Papadosio, KUNK is trailblazing its own brand of hypermodern rock ‘n’ roll for whoever has a liking for the bold, the new, and the (dangerously?) danceable.

When not actively playing, KUNK is holing itself up in Williamsburg, crafting new pieces and refining its sound, always reaching for something just over the next weird horizon.

KUNK mostly plays in and around NYC, but can travel anywhere it’s needed.

KUNK, the only four-letter word your daddy don’t know.

KUNK is…
Tony Pontius (Guitar/Vocals),
Rob Hudson (Keyboards/Bass Keyboards/Production)
Zack Brady (Drums)

Contact Us At : contact@kunktheband.com






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